We work as an extension of your team.

What we create.

Websites that drive results

From Fortune 500’s to funded startups, we team up with our clients to deliver world class websites that drive impactful results.

Digital Products that delight

By revolving all decisions around exceptional customer experience, we design engaging mobile and web apps used by millions of people.

Prototypes that drive innovation

We innovate around abstract concepts for digital experiences, to help teams gather critical feedback and identify new opportunities, breakthroughs, and optimizations.

Our capabilities.



Research & Data
Business Consulting
Competitive Analysis
Usability Audits
Branding & Positioning
Innovation Sprints
Voice & Tone Guide
Traffic & Performance

Content Creation

Copywriting Motion Design Photography & Video Interactive Media Illustration



User Research & Testing
Visual Design
UX Design
Information Architecture



Web Development
Enterprise CMS
Application Development
Maintence & Security


What comes in the can?


We’ve been finely tuning our offering for over half a decade — supercharging business growth across diverse industries


At Canned Spinach, we work together and in tandem with your team, putting your business goals above everything else


We’re adaptive and nimble, responding to changing requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner


Through our partnership, every single one of our 75+ clients has launched new or optimized products and solutions

From start to finish.


Unlocking the opportunity

aka Strategy

Unlocking the opportunity

aka Strategy

Our projects always begin by gaining a deep understanding of your business goals, customer needs, applicable technologies, the surrounding space, and team structure. To immerse ourselves in your business, we meet with key stakeholders — executives, engineers, data scientists, product and design teams. Next, our user-centered methodology begins with comprehensive customer research to inform the design process. This inquiry unlocks insights, opportunities, and solutions businesses typically haven’t considered and lays the groundwork to ensure we empathize with the users we’re designing for. Finally, we land on an informed hypothesis about where to focus, ensuring the end product is feasible to build based on your team’s strengths, is user-friendly and beautiful, and drives adoption and scale.

Outputs include

  • Insights from stakeholder interviews
  • Findings from research blueprint
  • Recommendations on how to best leverage technology (and address technology constraints) for desired outcome
  • KPI’s and success metrics

Deciding what to build

aka Product Definition

Deciding what to build

aka Product Definition
We draw on our combined 38+ years of experience to develop a product design concept. The concept gains fidelity with user journey mapping, diagrams, and wireframes of core workflows to ensure we’re set up to anticipate and meet users’ needs. Once aligned on a minimum viable product (MVP) feature set and platform strategy (desktop, mobile, web, iOS, Android, etc.) sprint planning ensures our team and yours are set up for success.

Outputs include

  • User journey map & key user flows
  • Documented Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Product feature sets & requirements
  • Technology integration approach
  • Copywriting
  • Design sprint schedule

Designing with agility

aka Design

Designing with agility

aka Design
Our iterative design process starts with a broad set of ideas and efficiently whittles them down until we collectively land on the most elegant product and visual solutions. Frequent check-ins and design reviews between our team and yours ensure that everyone feels engaged as an owner. Canned Spinach’s holistic process pairs UX design with impactful visual design, ensuring that user requirements are translated into the most intuitive experience on the front-end. Pixel-perfect visual designs make every page shine and evoke the desired emotions for your audience.

Outputs include

  • High-velocity design sprints
  • Intuitive UX design
  • Pixel-perfect visual designs
  • Detailed interaction designs
  • Digital brand & visual identity

Launching to success

aka Development & Hand-off

Launching to success

aka Development & Hand-off

No matter the technology or business challenge, we always ship. But just because we’ve shipped, it doesn’t mean we’re done. Canned Spinach leaves all of our clients with developed designs and robust training, so internal teams are fully empowered to drive the future of the product. The Canned Spinach relationship evolves from partner to advisor at this stage. Unlike most firms, it doesn’t end. And when you’re ready to take on your next project, we’ll be right there with you.

Outputs include

  • Completed project hand-off for engineering
  • Visual design library
  • Development & product training
  • Maintenance security & support
  • Ongoing design advisor for new strategic initiatives

See how we tailor our process to your needs


We’re business-minded. Whatever the project, we always begin with business strategy — understanding your goals, customer needs, the surrounding space, and team structure. Our products aren’t just beautiful; they’re purpose-built to drive adoption, retention, and scale, resulting in improvements to your bottom line.

We thrive on tough challenges. We don’t just put a new coat of paint on an existing product. Instead, we apply strategic thinking to figure out how to improve your business; taking data and user insights and turning it into a product that improves your customers’ experience today and tomorrow. Our work is grounded in your realities, but we explore many ways to reach your ultimate destination.

We always ship a product. This isn’t just design for design’s sake. Our projects always end with a visual design and robust development, resulting in products you can actually implement.

Our team is world-class. There are no junior players on the Canned Spinach team. Everyone is highly skilled and an expert at what they do, letting us supercharge every client with the proper amount of punch.

Hiring a designer or developer is time-consuming and only gets you so far. Designers and developers sit on spectrums of seniority and tend to have a specialized focus area. You can think of Canned Spinach as a full-stack team — blending exceptional craft, business expertise, and flawless production. All of our projects incorporate Product Strategy, User & Market Research, Journey Mapping, Information Architecture, UX Design, Visual Design, Wireframes, Development, and Maintenance & Security. What happens on any given project is based on your specific needs. By the end of every project, we leave teams empowered as owners to continue to design and develop the project from there, with training and file hand-off built in.

For most companies, time is money. You’re racing against a decline (a burn rate, an innovative competitor about to launch.) Hiring Canned Spinach can get you to an outcome faster than investing 6+ months to bring on a single person to take on only a portion of the work.
Our experience in owning tech-based startups has taught us how to collaborate with product leadership in an iterative and nimble way, tackling high-impact problems with efficiency and ease. Solutions at this level aren’t something a single staff designer or developer can usually handle.

We focus exclusively on building impactful digital experiences. We do not buy ad placements; we do not do social media work; we do not do keyword research. But we have a number of incredibly talented partners we pull in who can help with each of these items if needed. Working in this way allows us to translate the digital experience into a holistic digital strategy that drives results at scale.

Success means different things for different companies. We work with you in the beginning of the project to determine what success looks like for your business. Whether it’s user retention, user adoption, customer affinity, sales growth, or promotion of new products and initiatives, we’ll craft the right solutions and ensure we get there together in the end.