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Bleach Pray Love


Boasting over 2.3 million followers on Instagram in less than two years, Bleach Pray Love (aka Go Clean Co) grew to fame by connecting with cleaning aficionados throughout the pandemic. Having developed such an impressive audience in a record amount of time, Canned Spinach was approached to re-design a new website to better serve this fan base’s complex and growing needs.


User Experience Design
User Interface Design

Know Thy Audience

Go Clean Co and the Bleach Pray Love team showcase how powerful and impactful influencer marketing can be. Their die-hard fan base lies at the heart of everything: the #cleaningarmy. This crew thrives on daily Instagram updates and engagement and is accustomed to interacting with branded content and shoppable links. Up to this point, users had repeatedly requested a place to store all of the cleaning crew’s tried and true tips. We had just the solution: a thoughtfully designed blog to host and showcase the nitty-gritty details of each cleaning hack in the long-form detail this audience so clearly craved.


Thank you Kroger for the goodies!!! I got my package and I was so surprised and happy. I loved everything.

Joan Rowland
Kroger Social Social Participant

End Result

Our team delivered a final product that championed accessibility and simplicity, connected audiences to a new and improved shopping experience, and debuted a strong blog presence where long-form cleaning content can permanently live. GoCleanCo now is equipped with a web presence that will continue to scale and grow as the company continues to develop over the years while continuing to serve the needs of its dedicated base.

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