Rora AR + Toyota

Camry AR


As millennials’ buying power continues to grow, Toyota and many other brands are placing a big focus on targeted marketing to capture a segment of that demographic. We knew we had to focus on convincing users to visit a local dealer for a test drive in a crowded market; we also knew blunt and annoying ads do not resonate with the millennial demographic we were targeting. So our job was to create an effective way to educate them on the new lineup of cars and entice users to visit a dealership without being overtly salesy.


Augmented Reality
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
App Development
Rapid Prototyping

The business goal

Increase test drives for the new Toyota Camry.

The target


The facts

Millennials do not like being sold to, nor told what to do. They like technology, social media, and respond well to unique and engaging experiences.

Achieving Business Goals with Strategic Innovation

At the time of the project, augmented reality (AR) was a hot topic and finally becoming widely accessible to the public. We designed and developed an AR app that allowed users to engage with the all-new Camry virtually. Users could customize and explore the exterior and interior features of the new Camry from the comfort of their own homes. Through the education and exploration of the vehicle, users were subtly guided to initiate conversations and schedule test drives with local dealerships. As an additional value add, we introduced features to post photos of your new virtual car on social media, increasing UGC and buzz around the new lineup of vehicles.

End Result

The initial, functional prototype of the product was designed and developed in under a month, allowing decision makers within Toyota to quickly understand, test, and make a decision on the direction of this innovative experiential marketing product.

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