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During the nation-wide COVID-19 quarantines, Kroger Our Brands wanted to create a way to connect communities. Research showed that many Kroger customers struggled to celebrate important holidays and life events due to social distancing. Partnering with our friends at AGAR we designed and developed a weekly digital experience that safely facilitated these important celebrations!


User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Website Development
API Integration
Analytics and Reporting
Security Management

Reaching Customers
While Social Distancing

Many brands struggled to effectively connect with customers due to the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements. Since many celebrations revolve around food and drink, Kroger wanted to find a way to facilitate the important festivities during quarantine, but safely. We designed and developed a website that acted as a virtual party, providing fun activities, recipes, packages, live performances and tutorials, and other engaging experiences. The events took place every Saturday evening, nationwide.

End Result

From Mother’s Day, to a romantic date night, to a child’s high school or college graduation, families and friends were able to come together, virtually, to celebrate and create lasting memories through Kroger’s Social {media} Socials during a time of social distancing!


Thank you Kroger for the goodies!!! I got my package and I was so surprised and happy. I loved everything.

Joan Rowland

Kroger Social Social Participant

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