Popeye gets supercharged by Canned Spinach.

So does your business

Our mission.

We’re here to support teams looking to improve their business through digital products. We blend creative and pragmatic experience to integrate strategy, design, and technology into a product in the most intuitive way possible. The result? Measurable, meaningful impact that supercharges businesses solutions and sustainable growth.

Andrew and Popeye on a computer monitor
Andrew and Popeye on a computer monitor

So...why the name Canned Spinach?

Like Popeye’s favorite snack supercharges him to take on any challenge, the Canned Spinach team supercharges the businesses we work with — creating impactful digital experiences that drive results and separate our clients from the competition.

Our values.

Built to serve

We are always looking to serve the best interest of our clients. We proactively work to understand the who, what, and why. Who are we building for? What is the problem we’re solving? And why is this the solution they need? Having answers to these questions allows us to build products that enhance capabilities, inspire happiness, and simplify the process every step of the way.

Bound by trust

Trust is the glue that holds us together. We trust each other to put the user first, to challenge ideas with humility, and do right for our clients, always. In the end this trust grounds our process and leads to the best possible outcomes.

Driven to deliver

Our greatest satisfaction is shipping amazing products. People who like to ship love to work at Canned Spinach. We’re a team of strategists, designers and developers motivated by seeing our products drive measurable impact and transformation, one perfectly considered pixel at a time.

Entrepreneurial DNA

We are passionate self-starters who love solving complex problems. We are a concise, multidisciplinary team that wears a lot of hats. This approach cuts down on overhead and eliminates bloated communication channels and processes, ultimately saving time and money.

Totally transparent

The best products are created when everyone operates as a single unit with common goals in mind. We always clearly communicate expected outcomes, progress, issues, and perspectives — ensuring both team member and client expectations are appropriately set, met, and exceeded.

Founded in family

Working with Canned Spinach is about becoming a part of something bigger than yourself. Being part of our tribe means joining a community passionate about creativity and technology. In our free time, we nerd out over everything from adventures in nature to playing with our dogs, sharing laughs, and embracing a passion for unforgettable experiences.

Andrew and Popeye on two floating cans
Our secret ingredient:


Our Core Team

Anderew Savitz headshot

Andrew Savitz

CEO / Founder

Nadia Nutgrass

Technical Project Manager

Jenna Lee Stevens headshot

Jenna Lee Stevens

Lead Designer

Matt Hammer headshot

Matt Hammer

Lead Web Developer

The Interns

Howie Savitz

Chief Good Boy

Mustang Nutgrass

Pawject Manager

Jolene Stevens

Pawduct Designer

Hunter Hammer

Web Dogge

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