Signal P&G UX Workshop

What is Signal P&G?

“Procter & Gamble’s Signal event is a high-caliber discussion unlike any other digital industry conference of its kind. Signal P&G has earned a reputation for consistently sparking inspiration, education and activation for their employees around the world. More than 700 P&G employees and external partners attend the annual event in-person, and an additional 1,500 of their employees watch the live webcast from remote locations.” – Powderkeg

The event hosts the world’s leading digital executives, disruptive founders, peer companies, and other industry leaders sharing case studies and conversations to unpack how digital technology is affecting new business now and in the future.

This year’s central theme, “Building a Consumer Experience Company,” will expand the conference’s focus to discuss how to engage with consumers at every touchpoint. The conference’s goal? Emplower businesses to “provide irresistibly Superior Customer Experiences” with five core P&G innovation elements: “Superior Product, Packaging, Communication, Retail Execution, and Value.”

What is happening at Union Hall?

For the first time since Signal’s inception, P&G has teamed up with Cintrifuse to open up a new layer of access to the event, acting as a “satellite” location for the conference. Union Hall was equipped with a simulcast, two-way connection to the main event, and exclusive content, only available to those in attendance at the Union Hall location in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Special “StartupCincy” engagements included P&G workshops led by community leaders, live recordings of off-site interviews of keynote speakers, a startup-built “Gamification Lab,” and more! The event’s attendees included employees from P&G and most of the big businesses and brands within Cincinnati, as well as leaders in the startup community.

User Experience Workshop

Seeing as P&G set the theme for this year’s conference to “Building a Consumer Experience Company,” they reached out to us to lead two, hour-long sessions, educating attendees on user experience.

Patrick developed and ran an engaging, hands-on crash course on user experience, its immense ROI to a business, and how to implement it into all aspects of a business, specifically applied to this years theme for the Signal P&G conference.

Our session revolved around an interactive activity that guided the participants through the process of improving a wallet. We broke the participants into groups of two, then guided them through the major steps of our UX process, from start to finish; at the end, everyone had created a prototype to present their improved product, based around the discovered needs of their partner.

Attendees included employees of companies ranging from Fortune 500’s to local startups. One of the most exciting parts of the session was the diversity of departments, areas of focus, and position levels within the room; we had C-level executives to new hires who were fresh out of college, in departments such as HR, finance, marketing, operations, innovation, diversity, and more. This helped further drive home the fact that user experience affects and must be applied to every aspect of a business, because every touch-point with a customer is an opportunity to standout from the competition, and make your company more successful.

We’d love to share more about user experience, run a workshop, or discuss ways in which we can partner. If interested, you can reach out by clicking here.

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