Our New UX Designer!

We are incredibly excited to announce our newest full time employee, a user experience designer, Jenna Lee Stevens! 

Jenna Lee is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but currently lives in Denver, Colorado. She went to Tennessee Tech, where she got a degree in Accounting and a minor in Social Sciences. She is a Certified Public Accountant. You’re probably wondering “why in the world would Canned Spinach hire a CPA to do UX work?” Here’s why:

During her time working as a Senior II Auditor for a large organization, she and a friend decided to build a mobile app as a side hustle. She and her friend had zero experience building / designing apps, let alone starting a business, but they are both go-getters, hungry to learn, and not afraid to get their hands dirty! Throughout the process of building their app idea, Jenna Lee began teaching herself Figma (the same design software we often use) to create wireframes and the user interface design for the app. She quickly discovered how incredibly fulfilling and fun this process was, and wanted to spend all her free time designing and doing the UX work for the business. 

Shortly after this process, since she loved it so much, she went to the University of Denver to do a 24 week deep dive into UX / UI design and front-end development. 

Jenna Lee originally got into the accounting world because she is great with attention to detail and has a really analytical mind. She realized during COVID (through transitioning to working from home), that she didn’t love accounting work, so much as the people that she worked with. At the same point in time, she is an innately creative and artistic woman, who always wanted to do something creative for a living – but resisted it as she never knew she could make a career out of it. Once she discovered UX / UI design through her side hustle, she realized that this is a job that perfectly blends both the analytical and creative sides of her brain. 

Why Canned Spinach is so excited to have her join our team:

She is such an awesome representation of our core values… here’s a few that particularly stand out:

  1. She is passionate about her work – she went back to school in order to leave her comfortable, and safe job in order to ensure that she is doing something that brings her life and joy. Something that makes her excited to give her all, grow every day, and anticipate getting back to the office to do more work that she loves! 
  2. She is entrepreneurial – she literally discovered her passion through trying to start her own business! Canned Spinach was started by its founders building an app, and have entrepreneurial traits baked into our processes, to ensure each client gets innovative, efficient, and quality outputs from our work. 
  3. She cares about working with people she loves – Family is an important value for Canned Spinach, as we view our team, and our clients, as family. Her favorite part of her last job was the team, and she’s already integrated so smoothly into the culture and family that we have at Canned Spinach. We are so excited to invite her into our family, and can’t wait to introduce you to her soon! 
  4. She is built to serve and deliver on UX – she is passionate and has such a unique and valuable skillset, that very few have: she is both analytical and detail oriented, while also creative and artistic. UX design is not just about making things pretty, nor is it exclusively about making things function well / data oriented. If one is not done well, the whole thing feels off and isn’t effective. We are excited to have another addition to the team who has the unique ability to blend these two skill sets in perfect harmony. 

We’ve built Canned Spinach to create an environment that allows our team to build a work environment that compliments their lifestyle and unique needs. So we would be remiss if we did not speak a bit about who Jenna Lee is as a person! 

She moved to Colorado, so it will come as no surprise that she loves the outdoors! She is a skier who is lucky to have some of the world’s best resorts in her backyard! She loves attending live music with her boyfriend; some of her favorite shows she’s seen include Halsey, Tash Sultana, and The Chicks. She loves listening to True Crime podcasts when she’s driving, cooking, etc. She has a TikTok famous cat, with over 84,000 followers, who you can follow: @jolene_pouncing9to5

So please give Jenna Lee a warm welcome, as we are so excited to have her join our family!

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