United Contracting

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United Contracting


United Contracting


Lexington, Kentucky


UX, Art Direction, Visual Design, Development, Maintenance, Continuous Improvement Strategy & Execution


Creative Director, UX Designer, User Interface Designer, Web Developers, Project Manager.

We teamed up with United Contracting to design, develop, and launch a complete redesign of their website, with a focus on improving effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts. The project revolved around improving display of content, navigation, usability, and an updated look-and-feel that better reflects the quality of work provided by United Contracting, while improving conversions. 

Elite roofing repair

United Contracting is a premium service provider offering custom roofing and masonry services. They take pride in the work they do, and are growing rapidly, due to the outstanding work, prices, and customer service they offer. To reflect the quality of their company, and to help take their business to the next level, United Contracting worked with us to build a website that reflects the quality of their work.

Angel Castro

Founder & CEO

United Contracting LLC

“What a great company with a wonderful staff. We decided to change web hosting companies last year [2019]. It was not until we started working with Canned Spinach that we started to realize what true customer service was supposed to feel like. They quickly and efficiently built our new website and the changeover was seamless. Maintenance and hosting fees are very reasonable. If we have questions, they are quick to respond. We love working with Andrew and Canned Spinach. 

Highly recommended by us, United Contracting LLC”

Mobile matters for the construction industry too!

Whether United Contracting is trying to attract first time home buyers or younger property owners, a seamless mobile experience is key to an excellent first impression. We placed a big emphasis on creating a mobile design that was just as enjoyable as the desktop version, so no matter how people engaged with their website, it was a positive and effective interaction.