Drive more conversions on your website, in one week.

Your website is the center of all digital touch points for your business. If it isn't optimized, every aspect of your business suffers. We offer a proprietary, rapid development framework to create highly effective websites in one week.

Why use our proprietory tech?

Less effort, faster launch

We build your website for you (in as little as one week) so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

Increased ROI

Our sites are optimized to convert visitors into customers. The most effective way to increase the ROI of marketing efforts is to drive traffic to a site that converts at a higher success rate.

Integrated SEO tools

Our framework makes it possible for your target audience to easily discover your website. With simple to use SEO tools just fill out a list

Built as a business tool

There's more to a company than technology. That's why we work to understand the goals and needs of your business and customers to ensure we create the perfect experience that helps you achieve success.

Brand affinity

Great websites are not just intuitive and easy to use, but also enjoyable. Doing this properly increases the chances of earning repeat business and word of mouth recommendations from your clients.

Built to last

We build websites that can grow with your business. We take the time to understand your business, vision, and future needs, so we can build the site to be flexible and relevant for years to come.

The Process

Discovery & Strategy

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An interactive website draft in under a day. Our proprietary framework is built with rapid testing and feedback at its core. You answer a list of key questions about your business. Within one day of receiving your answers, we provide a live mockup for you to engage with and provide feedback on. This is an interactive blueprint of your site that maps all key content, and visualizes how it drives users to desired actions through optimized funnels.

User Interface and Visual Styling

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At this phase, we take your brand guidelines, assets, and copy and populate it into the site. We will stylize all aspects of the site to make it match the look and feel that portrays your brand and resonates with your target audience as best as it can! You can expect updated colors, fonts, buttons, simple animations and other little polishes that are sure to delight anyone who visits your site.

QA and Product Launch

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When everything has been implemented and tested, it’s time to release the product. We first launch the staging version for your final approval, then we make your website available to your customers or employees. “Shipping” is an exciting and demanding endeavor — we’ll be there to support you the whole way through. We can further support you by providing hosting and weekly maintenance to guarantee a 100% turn-key website maintenance and hosting solution.

ADEX International

Our rapid website framework was used to redefine ADEX's digital presence allowing them to quickly transition and capture new clients.

"Canned Spinach was a tremendous asset for ADEX International’s new website. They provided invaluable insights into the design and placement of the information we wanted to portray. The variety of services that ADEX International provides is broad, but Canned Spinach was able to organize our offerings in a cohesive and strategic manner! Our website is now clean, intuitive to navigate, and simple to update!"

Tracy Fujimura, Business Development | ADEX Intl

Grey Matter

We are Grey Matter’s website design and development partner. Our process has consistently helped this customer acquisition agency increase ROI.

"The reason we continue to bring Canned Spinach to the table as a trusted partner of ours boils down to a few things: Their deep knowledge and domain expertice in the world of 'building for the user in mind' is unmatched; they move incredibly fast, without sacrificing quality; and have fantastic customer service. Grey Matter has no plans to look elsewhere for a partner to serve our clients, and we're thankful to have Canned Spinach on our team bench."

Zach Strauss, CEO | Grey Matter

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